Four weeks before the party:

1. Decide on a party theme.
2. Make a guest list.
3. Call Tate the Great to entertain. Or, plan party games and activities.
4. Decide on decorations and party favors.
5. Make a list of all party supplies.
6. Plan party menu.

Two to Three weeks before the party:

1. Make or buy invitations.
2. Mail or deliver invitations.
3. Buy party supplies, decorations, and favors.
4. Order cake, if you are not making your own.

One week before the party:

1. Confirm any orders for cake or party supplies.
2. Bake cake and freeze it, if making your own birthday cake.
3. Write out a final schedule of games and activities.

Two to Three days before the party:

1. Buy remaining food for the party.
2. Buy film and/or videotape.
3. Check batteries for cameras, flash units, and/or camcorders.
4. Get an exact guest count and call those who haven’t responded.

One day before the party:

1. Pick up cake from bakery or finish decorating cake.
2. Child-proof the party area.
3. Decorate any indoor party area. (Do not decorate outdoor area. Overnight weather may damage decorations.)
4. Prepare all “do-ahead” food.

The day of the party:

1. Prepare the rest of the food.
2. Decorate outdoor party area.
3. Place sign or balloons on mailbox.
4. Keep your list of games and activities handy.
5. Stay calm, don’t panic.